Everyone’s Ass

For a month I wanted everyone’s ass. Maybe there were too many people wearing tights on the street, but whatever it was I was an assman all the way. I wanted to spank them, poke them, fuck them, and grab them. I thought constantly about every girl I had ever fucked up the ass, and I wrote down memories in vivid detail. I got hard at the thought of spooning, but then suddenly, it was gone. A week later I had as much interest in anal sex as I did in football or Russian architecture.

Out of the blue came another turn-on that kept me up at night. I moved from her ass to her eyes. Specifically her eyes when someone else was inside her. We had threesomes where I sat on the edge of the bed and did almost nothing; we fantasized about it for weeks. I wrote stories and we schemed together about the men we might seduce into our bed. We pushed hard limits, and I woke up hard every morning with a dream of something more extreme on my lips.

And then it left on a cool autumn morning and I was left empty for weeks. I didn’t want anything at all and in some ways it was stranger than my obsessions. I turned down dates and slept by myself with the window open. I drank too much so I’d have excuses, and I couldn’t think of anything that turned me on at all.

But one morning I woke from a dream with a hard cock and an excited mind. Out of nowhere came a compulsion I could barely contain. Without a word I crawled beneath the sheets, pushed her underthings to the side, and opened my mouth on her cunt with a ferocity I hadn’t felt in ages. 

Guy New York