The Ease of a Summer Afternoon

Sometimes we like to sit back and watch.

There are those languid lazy days when evening drifts in like an old friend rather than a noisy neighbor, and they’re meant to be caressed and kissed. On those nights we sit still, drinking slowly without any need for movement at all. Often we sink into couches and chairs, our legs draped over each other’s laps and our hands lightly touching bodies.

But there’s always a few people for whom time is moving differently and they get to be our entertainment. For them the night is flying by rather than creeping, and they need to move. They need to feel things bigger than comfort, and so they undress for us, tearing at each other’s clothes even as we sit still. They push and pull, and their touch is so very different from ours. They slap skin, bite shoulders, and they make noises that are beyond our grasp.

Sometimes while watching we grow hard or wet, and we let our hands drift about our bodies. As we watch them fuck for us we loosen clothes and undo buttons just enough. Our hands gently slip up and down cocks and easily open cunts. We lean back, our drinks often forgotten, and we let our bodies respond as they will.

When they come it’s with fire and lightning. They scream and yell, bursting forth from their own bodies, and tearing the night from it’s position. They shake and tremble as they crash their bodies together, and their coming is majestic.

When we come it’s with the ease of a summer afternoon. We clench our cunts around fingers and squeeze hard around the bases of cocks. We slowly let it out, our bodies bubbling more than exploding, and it lasts for ever. Our eyes close and our toes clench. Our mouths open just enough to sigh, and we come with every muscle, as if for the first time.

When the noise is done, we’re together again. The fast movers among us have slipped back into time, and they too slide to the floor, their bodies having released the urge to move. They reach out and touch us, and we meet them with fingertips and lips. We gently pull them to us, and slowly, ever so slowly, we let go.

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