A Poem about her ass

(I’m having a day drinking/writing session with Jack Stratton today and we asked for writing prompts on twitter. Ass eating was the first suggestion. Here’s a poem.

ps: feel free to ask us questions or make suggestions)




she rolls over in the night

her body shifting in the wet sheets

by morning I’ve been awake for hours

and I can’t remember sleep

I can’t recall dream or even my breath

her words echo but I don’t believe

still I move down as the sun rises

the patterns on the walls a familiar mystery

I kiss the small of her back

and then her thighs

she makes a noise

she opens her eyes?

I close mine and open my lips

her legs part as she moves to her stomach

she moans when I breathe

my hands finally touch her




when I bury my tongue in her ass

she sighs for so long

I wonder why I waited