A Poly Love Letter

I will come whenever you call me (assuming my phone is on), and I will always be here for you (especially before ten or so).  

When you want me I will quickly and efficiently add you to my google calendar. I will check with my primary partner to insure it works with all our schedules, and within a week or so we will definitely get together.

I will fuck you (safely) and I will kiss you and hold you when we are done (at least until I have to leave). If you need me slap you, spank you, or tie you up, I will make a spreadsheet with you to make sure we both understand the agreed upon practices that fit without the boundaries of our informed and enthusiastic consent.

And if you need me right this second, deep inside you as you moan my name, I will very quickly arrange a babysitter and be there as soon as I can.



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