She Always Called Me Sir

She called me Sir for the entire six weeks of her internship. 

Sometimes in meetings it was embarrassing, but she said it without hesitation as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  I felt like an executive from another generation and she smiled every time I flinched at the word. 

On her last day she walked into my office and spoke in her always calm and clear manner.

"Sir, before I leave, I’d like to suck your cock."

I wasn’t nearly as cool and collected as I wanted to be, but I looked up and asked her to repeat herself.  She said it again much slower, with emphasis in all the right places.  I didn’t move or especially respond as she walked around my desk and stood next to me with her hands folded in front of her perfect pencil skirt. 

"Do I have your permission, Sir?"

I’m not sure I said a word, but I must have nodded, because she calmly took a pillow off the couch, placed it neatly in front of my chair and knelt on it without so much as wrinkling her blouse.  She undid the top three buttons so I had a perfect view before sliding her two hands up my thighs to find me nearly bursting with anticipation.  Her small fingers undid my belt, opened the buttons on my pants, and slid down my zipper before taking me in her hands like a new toy that enthralled her. 

She stroked me slowly, watching me harden fully before she licked her lips and swallowed me all the way to the hilt.  When she finally took a breath my knuckles were white, and it was all I could to do keep from messing her perfectly sculpted hair.  She held me in her hands as she slowly licked up the length of my cock, sucked the head between her full lips, and squeezed so tightly I could barely see. 

After long moments of torment and complete delight, she leaned back slightly and wiped her chin with the back of her hand. 

"Would you like to fuck my mouth, Sir?" she asked, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.  I answered by standing, and running a hand along her cheek and through her hair.  I held her firmly as I pressed into her mouth once again and this time she simply opened her throat to my command.  I slid deeply inside her and then all the way out, watching her eyes open wide.  I played with her lips, teased her as long as I could, and then closed my eyes and focused on my release. 

It didn’t take long as I moved inside her at will, and I held her where I needed. She kissed me and devoured me, matching every thrust, and when I pulled her to me and began to lose my balance she held me steady with a strong hand.  I came harder than I have in ages, and she swallowed without so much as blinking. 

When I fell back into my chair my mind was gone and I couldn’t see.  She gently zipped up my pants, buttoned them, and fastened my belt.  She placed the pillow back on the chair, smoothed out her skirt and walked around to the front of my desk. Just when I thought she was ready to leave she smiled and opened her mouth once more.

"I’d like a recommendation and a personal phone call from you by tomorrow morning at 10am."

Two minutes later I was following her out the door with a reservation and an early morning appointment.

—Guy New York