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Tangentially Speaking

imageA few months back I recorded a podcast with Chris Ryan for his show Tangentially Speaking. And it just went live last night!

If you’ve ever wanted to know what I sound like, how I started writing, what sex with a tree is like, or how I feel about death, then have a listen. The whole show is a little over an hour.

You can hear it on iTunes or on Feral Audio.

Recent Book Reviews

The Island on The Edge of NormalOn December 14th I published my first novel, The Island on The Edge of Normal. Here are a few of the early Amazon reviews.

Delightfully refreshing view of polyamory. A great first novel

I found this novel very real, it stays very involved. I found myself really investing in the characters. I honestly was very sad to see it end. I hope the story continues for James.From MP

A sweet, sweet tale of a man struggling with all sorts of things…

Guy’s heart shines through his words in this beautiful, sexy polyromance novel set off the coast of Maine.From KG

A wonderful first novel

Yes, there are plenty of Guy New York’s trademark hot sex scenes among various combinations of the book’s characters, including male-on-male. Those scenes alone makes it worth a read for any fans already familiar with his work, and a great introduction of his style for new readers. Guy is also a master at giving most of his stories a touch of romanticism, and he does it well with this tale.From DD

On Quickies in New York

"If Henry Miller were alive today (and had a visual sense as acute as his intellect) he’d be doing something like this. What I particularly love is that this is erotica that appeals to my mind and spirit as much as my blood and balls. In both words and images, Quickies in New York finds eroticism everywhere from street-level vulgar to penthouse sublime. It doesn’t shy away from the chaos and emptiness that sometimes comes on the heels of ecstasy. The work is classy, gorgeous, and thoughtful."

—Christopher Ryan, New York Times Bestselling Author of Sex at Dawn

Playboy Espanol

"Nueva York sigue siendo la ciudad más sexy del mundo. Y lo demuestra algo tan sencillo como esta especie de diario fotográfico de un tipo de la ciudad que se dedica a reflexionar sobre el erotismo, el desnudo, la sensualidad, el sexo y sus conquistas, menudo campeón, y lo ha bautizado como Quickies in New York…"

In English: 

"New York keeps its name for the sexiest city in the world,and it’s shown with some- thing as simple as this photographic diary about a guy in the city who reflects on eroticism, nudity, sensuality, and sex."

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"Quickies In New York: Bite Size Servings Of Sexy Stories And Photos: Though we know quite a few blogs that offer up a selection of (usually reblogged) erotic photos, and another handful that offer readers quality erotic tales, it’s the rare blog indeed that manages to deftly combine both erotic photography and erotic writing into one seamless, sexy package…”

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Violet Blue’s Tiny Nibbles

"I found Quickies in New York back in February, and felt it was finally time to share this fun project with you – I wanted to wait to see if it kept its direction, or lost steam (as sadly so often happens with cool sex blogs like this). Quickies in New York is a delightful original content Tumblr that features erotic photos and stories showcasing aspects of New York sex."

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#1 Sex Blogger on Between My Sheets top 100 list

Quickies in New York was voted number 1 in 2011 up from number 9 in 2010 on Between My Sheets list of the top 100 sex bloggers.

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Sonic Erotica

Three stories from QNY have been recorded for and featured on Sonic Erotica.

In the Rain, Where Did He End, and Fucking Exes

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