A Threesome Minus One

We climbed into the bed tired as fuck. Too much driving, too much red wine, all the stresses of traveling had beat us up and spit us out. The bed was big though, and we left our clothes on the floor before turning out the lights.

“I wish she was here too,” he whispered.

“Seriously. She is so fucking hot,” I said. He groaned in agreement, and I pictured her in my mind’s eye lying between us. I thought about watching her undress, and I thought of her lips around my cock. Suddenly I was hard and his hand was moving.

“What do you want to do with her?” I asked, both of us now clearly jerking off. He moved closer and pushed back the blanket until we could see each other in the darkness. Both of us were hard and our hands moved in a blur.

“Everything,” he moaned. “Fuck her, eat her, watch you fuck her.” We stared at each other as we thought of her, and it all happened at the same time. Our fists, her lips, our cocks, her ass, everything rushed through my head as I imagined it all at once.

Before I got too lost in thought he was between my legs and his mouth had replaced my hand. I lifted my hips off the bed, and he sucked me harder.

“Oh god, I want to feel that cunt around me.” My hand was in his hair, and his lips were soft and warm. He cupped my balls and squeezed, but a second later he was kissing me and our hard cocks were pressed against one another. I reached my hand down and wrapped it around him, jerking him off as we kissed, and we never stopped moaning.

As I got closer to coming I rolled over onto my stomach, holding him still above me. I pressed into the sheets, and he pressed his cock between the cheeks of my ass. He slid up and down, and I arched my back, suddenly wanting him inside me.

“Fuck me,” I whispered and he didn’t stop. My hand was on my own dick as the weight of both our bodies pushed me down, and I was delirious with want. I could feel my balls tighten and his groans said he was close behind.

“If you could come anywhere in the world where would it be?” I asked, knowing we both had the same answer.

“In her pussy,” he growled, now fucking himself against my ass without holding back at all. “I want to come in her pussy.”

And then we were done. I clenched the sheets in my fist, as my cock spurted beneath us, my body shaking as my orgasm rocked through me. Seconds later he exploded above me, his come covering my ass and the small of my back. Spurt after spurt he unloaded onto my body, and still I begged for me.

When we finally could talk again he rolled over next to me and ran his fingers through the mess he left. He rubbed it into my skin and kissed the side of my head as our breathing gradually returned to normal.

“I wanted you so badly,” I said, his face just visible in the darkness.

“Your ass is amazing. But if I stopped for anything it would have been too late.”

“We have time,” I said, pulling him close to me. He kissed me again as we cuddled in the darkness.


Guy New York

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Hotel Monteleone

Somehow he found us at the bar and I have no idea how it happened. We weren’t wearing matching shirts that read “want to fuck us both?” and we didn’t give off some secret sign that meant we were open to being hit on by strange men at the bar. And yet, when he put his hand on my knee as he leaned over to whisper in her ear, it was all very clear.

“She’s so beautiful,” he said, his fingers gently pressing into my shoulder as he nearly straddled my thigh, his cock pressing into my skin through my jeans.

Two drinks later and we were upstairs in our room. They were already kissing before I returned from putting the do not disturb sign on the door. He waved me to them and the back of her neck never tasted so good. She was moaning into his mouth as his fingers tugged at her buttons, and one of their hands was pressing firmly against me.

Without warning he was on his knees. I kissed her and pulled her shirt the rest of the way off, and his fingers moved back and forth between us, undoing zippers and buttons with nearly sober competence. We sat down on the bed as he pulled our jeans off by the legs, and his grin was gigantic as he stared up at us.

Surprisingly he opened his mouth on my cock first. One hand was wrapped around me, and the other was searching between her open thighs, but he swallowed me so quickly he nearly choked. She leaned back, her own hand joining his as she watched, and I had no idea what I wanted to happen next. Just when I was close to figuring it out he moved to her, and she screamed so loudly I thought they might hear us back down at the bar.

“Fuck me,” she finally managed to get out between moans, but he didn’t seem interested in stopping. If my dick was an appetizer, her cunt was the main course, and he showed no sign of slowing down. In fact it wasn’t until she grabbed him by the hair, pulled his head up, and shoved a condom into his hand that he paused for breath.

I was between her legs before he could lose his shirt. I pushed into her wet pussy as slowly as I could, watching myself disappear with complete glee. Her lips swallowed me as she clenched, and it wasn’t until I was buried inside her that I realized she was sucking his cock into her eager mouth. I fucked her harder as she wrapped her hands around him, and by the time he was fully hard I was close to coming.

“Do you want to see him fuck me with this thick cock?” she asked as she looked down at me. “Do you want to come all over me as he makes me come too?”

Time slowed down as he moved between her legs, but I know that I held her thighs open. I know that I wrapped my fingers around him, and I know that I wanted to watch almost as much as she wanted to receive.

She didn’t scream when he entered her. Instead it was a low guttural moan that moved through her entire body. He held himself up on his arms as he pushed fully inside her, and his eyes were closed in the ecstasy that comes from fucking a stranger you met two hours ago at the bar for the very first time.

I moved between fucking her mouth and pumping my cock with my hand, but my eyes never left her open legs. She was completely lost, and the deeper she moaned the closer I got.

“Fuck me harder,” she said, and suddenly there was laughter mixed in with everything else. “Fuck me harder… you.”

He didn’t stop, but he slowed for a moment as he tried to understand what she was saying.

“Don’t stop, you asshole,” she moaned. “I’m just laughing because I don’t remember your name, but I don’t care. You’re going to make me come.”

I reached down with my free hand and pressed hard on her clit as she bucked her hips; then it was over. My whole body tightened as I started to come, and she moved back into screaming. She closed her legs around him, holding him inside her, and I covered her breasts and neck as I arched my back and squeezed my cock so tightly it hurt. Her ass lurched off the bed as she thrust up against him and she shook over and over again.

She was grinning as the tremors slowed down, and before long she moved into laughing again. He pulled out of her and lay down next to her with his hand stroking his cock. I rubbed my cum into her skin as she lay there laughing in joy, and he pulled off the condom as he stared at her trembling body.

“Come for me,” she whispered before kissing him, and seconds later he was exploding over his stomach, his eyes closed and his body tight with tension.

By the time she got out of the shower he was gone. I was alone in the bed, our clothes still scattered around the room. She curled up next to me and closed her eyes.

“I like being fucked,” she whispered.

“I like you being fucked too,” I said.

“I like it best when it’s you, though.”

I kissed her forehead and pulled her closer to me. It was a long while before we fell asleep.

Guy New York

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