Always Perfect

“What do you want to do?” she whispered between kisses.

“I want to watch you undress,” I said, sure of my desire for the first time all evening. I set her down and sat on her bed, which was really just a thick mattress on the floor. I hardly noticed the rest of the room as she pulled off her light jacket. She was wearing a tank top and jeans, and her body swayed as if there was music. When she pulled off the her top – with her back to me – I suddenly realized she was naked beneath it. She turned to face me, her hands covering her breasts, and I stared at her with open awe.

The buttons of her jeans went slower, and she walked to me until she was only inches away. She pulled down the zipper and I could see a thin patch of brown hair beneath the denim.

“I fucking love Vassar,” I whispered.

She leaned forward and kissed me as her jeans came off, and when she stood up again she was completely naked in front of me. If I thought she was tiny with clothes on, this was something else. I had a moment of doubt wondering how old she actually was before she was on my lap pulling off my shirt, and I stopped caring about everything.

Kelly and I spent hours in bed that night. We licked, sucked, and fucked each other until the sun came up, and even then we had to tell ourselves that we needed to sleep. Each time one of us bit a little harder or kissed more gently the other was right there. If I held her arms above her head she moaned into my ear, and when she sank her teeth into my inner thigh with one hand wrapped around the base of my cock, I nearly screamed. When I was inside her the world vanished, and even when we waited for me to grow hard once more our bodies felt perfect.

We were far safer than Jane and I had been, and by the time morning came we had a garbage can full of used condoms, a beer bottle full of cigarette butts, and more than a few bruises covering our bodies. In spite of our scratching and pushing though, the sex was incredibly sweet. It was tender, powerful, and slow, and I fell in love over and over again.

When we finally fell asleep it was only after she managed to make me come one last time.

“You do like how tiny I am, don’t you,” she whispered, as she tried to get me hard.

“Of course,” I said, pushing her back and staring at her body.

“Do you want me to be your little girl?” she purred as she threw a leg over mine. Her cunt pressed into my thigh and somehow my cock twitched back awake. “You like that, don’t you? You want to fuck your little girl, I can feel it. How old do you want me to be?”

“I don’t even know how old you are,” I moaned as I rolled on top of her, my cock now hard against her stomach.

“I’ll be anything for you,” she whispered as she rolled our last condom down over me. “I’ll be as little as you like.”

And then I was inside her and she was kissing me. My eyes were open, amazed at the sight of her, and she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into her with everything she had.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, mumbling something else that I couldn’t make out.

“What did you say?” I asked, thrusting faster and harder.

“Fuck your little girl,” she moaned, and seconds later I was coming and so was she, bucking her hips off the ground as I thrust. Her face was against my neck and her breathing so loud it was musical. I kissed her everywhere as my body exploded, and I never wanted anything else ever again. I wanted to stay there, coming inside her, in spite of my utter exhaustion, but most of all I wanted it to always be perfect: sweet, hot, joyous, and easy.


-gny (from my new novel Disgusting, Beautiful, Immoral, which will be done one of these days.)

Old Enough for Truth

“Is it strange that I call you Daddy when you’re old enough for it to be true?”

She was sitting on my lap in just a t-shirt and I was still dressed from work, my suit only slightly wrinkled from a long day. I had one hand on her thigh and her lips were nuzzled against my ear as she whispered quietly.

“I would have been rather young,” I said, turning her mouth to me with one hand before kissing her. I sucked her tongue between my lips and for a moment I wanted to swallow her whole. She wiggled and squirmed on my lap as she struggled to straddle me.

“But it could still be true. And…”

I pulled her to me, my cock now pressing against her bare cunt through my suit pants. I was painfully hard, and she was so wet I could smell her. I pushed her hair behind one ear before wrapping my fingers around her throat. She looked at me with perfect blue eyes turned down.

“And what?”

“And it just makes me want you more, Daddy.”

It didn’t take long for my zipper to open, her hand to find me, and her cunt to swallow me. It didn’t take long for me to kiss her again, to pull her hips to me until our pelvic bones collided, and then to bite her neck as my fingers squeezed harder.

“It makes me want you too,” I whispered. “As if I needed a reason to want you more.”

And then I let her go so she could gasp into my mouth and kiss me between tears of joy and release. I lifted her up and down, moving her body with ease as we fucked, and we never once stopped staring into each other’s eyes. Her cunt was so tight, and her mouth was unforgiving. She clenched around me and I thrust harder, wanting to fill her over and over again.

“I love you,” she whispered, her orgasm sliding up her body until it slipped out between her lips.

“I love you too,” I moaned, exploding inside her. “I love you too.”



©2012 by The Dirty Gentleman (#590)