It’s Okay

“It’s okay if you lie about me,” I whispered. “In fact, I like it.”

“You like it?”

I pulled her closer and kissed her hair once more, still marveling at the fact that she was in bed next to me at all. We had moved from exaltation to exhaustion more times than I could count and our bodies were sore and battered. Each time I thought we might slow down or sleep there was a whispered word or the movement of a thigh. Something as simple as a breath would draw us back into each other’s sticky embrace and once again time would forget what it was supposed to do.

“You’re so honest and kind,” I said, pausing to kiss her lips and look into her eyes. “So I like anything at all that makes you go against your values.”

She buried her head in the crook of my neck and shook it back and forth, her hair in my mouth in an instant. I squeezed her hand, wondering if for just a moment I had said the wrong thing. When she finally looked up at me again she was grinning.

“I think this might work out well,” she said before kissing me once more.


A Million Things

I can go from crying to coming in less than an hour. Maybe less than fifteen minutes if I put my mind to it, and if you suck my cock like you did last night.

I walked in with my face a mess and my body covered in slowly drying sweat. I smelled of smoke and lunch, and you wore nothing but black lace around your tiny hips and a smile on your face as you leaned back in the kitchen drinking wine. I poured it all out (not the wine), because you allow it and ask for it and let it be what it is. The tears slowed down, the wine sped up, and within ten minutes we lay on the bed, your head in my lap as I slowly grew hard.

We fucked slowly. Within seconds our bodies were once again covered in sweat, but we moved inside each other, feeling everything, and wanting nothing.

That’s not true, we wanted, but we lacked a goal. We lacked a future at all. Instead you held me where I was, I slid inside you when it felt best, and we moved exactly as we needed to pull the most pleasure out of a fucked up world. We whispered and nibbled, we pinched and slapped, but in the summer heat we mostly fucked, escaping everything and leaving nothing behind.

There are a million things that can make sex hot, but very few that make it easy. Love helps, but it’s not always enough. Kindness can do wonders, and a willingness to listen and try are life changing. But there’s nothing that changes sex more than complete and utter acceptance; a willingness to let everything be as it is and feel as it does. A trust that each desire will be met with love and each need will be matched by a similar honesty.

We came with fingers inside each other. We came with simple words and slow touch. We came without any fear at all, letting each other be where we needed to be: in tears, in love, in compassion, and in hope.


Sunshine and Shadow

“I want to fuck you in the sunshine,” I whispered, pulling her closer to me. She was standing in front of me, my arms around her waist, in a dress that was so short even the squirrels were looking. She arched her neck and nibbled my ear, her voice teasing and firm.

“What’s stopping you?”

“People, the police, children, insecurity, whatever you have on under this dress. All the normal things,” I said, my hands on her thighs and moving up. The park was crowded, the sun was hot, and there was nowhere to hide. There was nowhere to slip off to and nowhere duck into.

“So, does this help?” she asked, easily wiggling her panties down beneath her dress and stuffing them into her purse. “I mean, that’s one of five. What were the other reasons?”

“I’m not sure I remember,” I whispered, my hand between her legs, feeling her warm and wet from more than just the sun. “And maybe that’s best. Would you stop me? Can I just fuck you right here on the grass, right here in the park, right here in front of the world?”

“You mean in the sunshine?” she asked, turning and facing me, her hand pressed firmly against my hardness. “Can you fuck me here without being afraid? Here without hiding? Here without caring about anything but how much you love and want me?”

“Yes,” I said, struggling to kiss her. Struggling to let the world go, and struggling to not care.

“Don’t be silly,” she said, stepping away. “There are children and cops, and people and stuff. And besides, who has the nerve? I don’t believe you. Trying to fuck me in the park.”

I watched her laugh as she ran off into the brambles, her short dress hiding nothing. I counted to three before following, and there was no turning back.

“Someone is in trouble,” I said, when I finally caught up with her. I was vaguely trying to hide my excitement as I chased her down the path, but it was the least of my worries.

“I certainly hope so,” she said, kissing me once more as we fell to the ground in the shadows.

I Want More

“Put this on,” I said, handing her a blindfold in the elevator.


“Here? What if someone sees me?” She took it reluctantly, but wrapped it around her head anyway.


“How would you even know?” I asked, watching her tie it in place. I took her hand and waited before the elevator stopped on our floor. She took a deep breath when the door opened, and I lead her out and down the hall. The room was just a couple doors down, and she trembled as she walked the few steps, her heels digging into the thick carpet.


I slid my card into the door, and pushed her gently through. He was sitting on the edge of the bed as we had discussed, his cock already hard in his hand. Without waiting another second I brought her to the center of the room, pushed her to her knees, and then lifted her chin.


“You’re going to suck his cock now,” I whispered. He pulled her head to him before she could say a word, and her lips opened around him as she reached up and wrapped her hand around his thick cock. I let her suck him for a few minutes before I gave her another direction.


“Pull your dress off your shoulders. Let him see you.”


Without taking his cock from her mouth she slid the straps down, exposing her breasts to him for the first time. He groaned as he stared at her, her hands instantly going back to his cock once more.


“Stand,” I said, my fingers in her hair. I lifted her up in front of him. “Take it off.”


Her dress fell to the ground and she was completely naked, her legs shaking as she stood, still blindfolded in front of us.


“Is she wet?” I asked him. He reached his hand out instantly, gently touching her pussy before pushing two fingers inside her. He looked up and smiled, nodding his head.


“She’s soaking,” he said.


“Are you ready to get fucked?” I asked her. She nodded and whimpered the word yes, almost too quietly for us to hear. I pushed her forward, bending her over the bed and asked her again.


“Yes,” she said much louder.


“Yes, what?” I asked, as he stood up next to me. I had my cock out as well, and each of us rolled a condom down as we stared at her ass and cunt.


“Yes, I’m ready to be fucked,” she whispered again.


“By who?” I asked, wondering if she knew the correct answer.


“Anyone,” she said, her voice straining as she parted her legs in anticipation. “I don’t care, just someone fuck me. Please!”


“Good girl,” I said, as he stepped behind her and slid his cock inside her tight cunt in an instant. She let out a long moan as he started to fuck her, and I watched while he pushed her further onto the bed, her pussy stretching around him. A minute later I took his place, her whimper just lasting the few seconds without someone inside her. I slammed into her as well, fucking her harder as she collapsed forward. I slapped her ass and fucked her as hard as I could, before finally rolling her over onto her back.


“Take it off,” I told her. Trembling she reached up and undid the blindfold, her eyes instantly blinded by the dim light in the room. She looked back and forth between us, smiling as she opened her legs. We crawled towards, her, pulling her thighs open wider.


“More,” she said, leaning up and kissing him for the first time. “I want more.”


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Paris in The Rain

His cock reminded her of Paris in the rain. It reminded her of Machu Pichu at sunset and the blue green lights over the empty snows of the Yukon. His cock reminded her of everything beautiful in the world and she came around it like she was impaled on the tower of Babylon. She scratched his chest and slapped his face as her orgasm ripped through her and she called him a name that was almost his.


“Get the fuck out,” she said as her body began to return to itself.


He was lying in her bed, but she had moved to the window with a cigarette clutched in her hand. She flicked open her Zippo and said it again. It took three times before he responded, but by the time she was halfway finished he was closing the door behind him.


“Why God, why?” she whispered.  “Why does that cock have to be attached to that man?”


Can I Come Now?

“Can I come now?” is one of my all time favorite questions.


In this case we had been fucking for nearly an hour, and both of our bodies were tired. We had moved from sweet kisses to slaps on her thighs, hand prints on her ass, fingers around her throat, and soft begging. Each time we slowed down we returned with more push than before, and by the time she asked the question she was on her hands and knees with my cock inside her and her fingers on her clit.


I debated saying no. I wasn’t sure if she could stop even if she tried, but the moment she asked I was filled with something else. The slaps and the name calling suddenly felt less important. The groans and demands drifted to the back of my mind as I watched her body writhing beneath me. I stared at our connection, my cock opening her wet folds as she pushed back onto me, and I was filled with a different desire.


I suddenly realizing that more than anything I wanted to see her in the thralls of joy and release. More than anything else I wanted to hear her happiness, her exaltation, and her surrender. More than anything else, I loved her.

Yes,” I whispered. “Come for me.”


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Don’t Touch The Machinery

“Where the fuck are we going?” she asked as I dragged her down a side street with nothing on it.

“I have a friend,” I said, unwilling to give away anything else. We stopped towards the end of the block and I sent a quick text message. Two minutes later a door with no handle opened, and Marco waved us in with a furtive look down the street.

“You can only have ten minutes. I can’t leave it alone for longer. And don’t fucking touch the machinery.” He lead us up the back stairs, down a short hallway with flickering fluorescent lights, and though one final door. It took us a second for our eyes to adjust, and the sound of the projector was almost deafening. He closed the door behind us and my date stared out the small square window to see Nymphomanic projected on the big screen.

“We don’t have much time,” I whispered, kissing the back of her neck as I reached beneath her dress and slid the cotton off her ass and down to the floor.

“You have go to be kidding me,” she whispered, pushing back against me as I undid my jeans. I slid one hand around her body, my fingers pushing against wet skin, while in front of us Stacy Martin knelt on the floor of a train car with a cock in her mouth.

“Do you like it?” I asked placing her hand firmly on my own cock, willing it hard.

“Uh-huh,” she moaned as she leaned forward. She spit on her hand and a second later it was back on me, sliding up and down my length with a rare skill. Her thumb slipped over my head with perfect precision, and seconds later I was nestled between the lips of her cunt as she wiggled against me.

“Fuck me,” she growled as we watched the actress on screen sit up with cum dripping off her lips. “Hard.”

I pulled her hips to me, sliding inside her instantly, and the heat from the machine next to me was nearly unbearable. I fucked her as deftly as I could, her eyes glued to the screen and the crowd just below as. One hand covered her mouth and the other moved over her clit, and she trembled against me. I looked down at our junction, watching her open around me as I slid in and out of her frantically.

“Oh fuck, I might come,” she said, finally looking down and biting her lip. I pulled her to me harder, my fingers never stopping their motion as she moaned into my ear. “I want to be a bigger whore than she could ever be.”

She shook around me as I pushed inside her so deeply it hurt. My head was against her back as I struggled to stand, and she convulsed and groaned as she came, her body tight around me. Seconds later I stepped back, my cock still hard and alert as I pushed it back inside my jeans. Marco knocked once on the door before opening it, and the two of us flattened our clothes as we moved back to the hallway.

“Just go down quietly and leave through the back door. And don’t touch anything.”

We nodded as we wove our way through the flickering lights until finally we burst out onto the street, the noise of the city bringing us back to reality. She grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, before suddenly breaking out in laughter.

“What is it?” I asked, trying to catch my breath.

“I left my panties on the goddamn floor.”

“Fuck it,” I said, pulling her to me and kissing her on the mouth with everything I had. “Fuck it.”


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Healthier than Pepsi…

Her pussy did not taste like Pepsi Cola.

It was more of a margarita with salt on the rim and intoxication close behind. Her pussy was a dirty martini with an olive that demanded to be savoured. It was strong coffee late at night.

Her pussy was not sweet. In fact, at the end of the day–or in this case the early morning–her pussy mostly tasted like pussy.

Which is much healthier than Pepsi anyway.


There’s Nothing

“Show me what’s under your dress,” I said, as she lay down on my bed with a shy smile.

“There’s nothing,” she whispered, her knees touching even as she sat up on her elbows. Her cotton dress was pretty and old, and it sat on her thighs completely aware that it was in the way.

“I’m sure that’s not true,” I said. “Show me.”

She bit her lip and reached one hand down to grab the frayed hem. Just hours earlier she had confessed that she would do anything, and as my requests grew more and more insistent her hesitation came with a quickening breath and a flushing of her cheeks.

I leaned in closer and grabbed one knee, pushing her legs open as I watched. She whimpered ever so slightly as she lifted the dress up, sliding it over her thighs until it finally rested on her belly.

“Open your legs,” I said, my voice no longer sounding like my own. This time she leaned back and closed her eyes, doing just what I told her. I slid a hand up one thigh and down the other, listening to her sigh as I quickly passed her over. When I kissed her stomach she moaned my name, and when my fingers touched her lips she nearly jumped off the bed.

Her pussy tasted like summer. She was coconut and salt water; she was hot sun and bare skin. I licked her and kissed her, my fingers pushing inside her as she lifted her hips off the bed and pulled me to her. My tongue found every inch of skin it could, and I tasted her until she was inside me.

By the time I moved up to her mouth, her hands were around me pulling me in. I tore her dress off her shoulders, aching to feel her skin against mine, and I kissed her hard as I thrust inside her. She screamed out as I worked my way in, and when she had taken all of me we paused and kissed until there were tears in our eyes.

We fucked slowly, all the energy of reaching this moment held tightly in. I held her hands, she clenched her thighs, and we nearly held our breaths as we moved within one another. When my fingers touched her chin they were firm and unshaking. When her hands touched my face they were strong and determined.

As our fucking moved in just one direction the tension built until both our bodies were springs ready to snap. I leaned up on my hands, watching the mechanics of our sex before kissing her once more and giving her her final task.

“Come for me,” I demanded, as I thrust all the way inside her. She reached a hand between our bodies, her fingers frantic against her skin, and we climbed the final peak together. We moaned and screamed and made faces that were full of nothing but need. When she finally shouted her release I was right behind her, my cock exploding within her as we kissed between ragged breaths. We came for hours and days. We came for months and for seconds. We came without end, and I stayed within her even when I collapsed against her wet skin and kissed her lips with tenderness once more.

“I knew there was something beneath this,” I whispered, toying with the cotton that still clung to her hips. “Something perfect.”


Needing to Be Loved

“Last night was insane,” she said, walking into my room and climbing into my bed. I wasn’t sure if I could listen to another one of her stories, even if it meant getting laid, but I put my book down anyway.

“What did you do?” I asked.

“Come to bed,” she whispered. “I don’t really want to talk. Come hold me and kiss me.”

I could see the bruises on her body as I undressed her, but her mouth was gentle and soft against me. She touched my cheek, and I brushed her hair behind an ear as we slowly lost our clothes and slid beneath the light blanket. Her neck was red and there were finger marks on her collar bone. Each wrist was marked with lines that were turning an angry shade of green and black. I kissed each nipple, watching them harden beneath my light touch, and she sighed sweetly as she opened her thighs.

“I want you slowly,” she whispered as I rolled a condom down over myself minutes later. I looked into her eyes for a long time as I rubbed against her, but her moans never grew frantic. When I finally entered her we kissed like we were in love.

“I like your bruises,” I whispered as I moved faster, and for a moment I pictured it all in my head.

“Don’t,” she moaned, pulling me deeper inside her as she wrapped her arms around me. “I don’t want you to like them. Just hold me.”

I struggled to hold back and to slow down. I tried not to imagine fucking her with everything I had, slapping her face and her ass until I painted my own picture on her body, but it was nearly impossible. Each time I thrust harder, she held me tighter, her voice a whisper in my ear telling me to be gentle. When I finally came it was all I could do not to tell her horrible things.

“Thank you,” she whispered as we lay next to each other in the dark room.

“Why do you do that? Why won’t you let me fuck you for real?”

“That is real.”

“You know what I mean,” I said, rubbing my hands through my hair, my cock still hard from all the things I wanted to do with her.

“You’re the only one,” she finally said, rolling to her back. “I guess I need someone to be sweet to me, because no one else is. Not even me.”

“Most people are the other way around,” I said. “They love their husbands, but they fuck their lovers like they can’t get enough. They don’t do crazy shit at home and then crawl into my bed needing to feel loved.”

“I know,” she whispered, pulling me close again. “I know.”


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Disappointment Enough (or Leave Them on The Chair)

“I want to spank you with your skirt still on.”

“But I haven’t done anything wrong.”

For some reason we had gotten in the habit of negotiating over dinner. Schiller’s was packed, and we had destroyed the tray of oysters in front of us, but we ordered a final round of drinks so we still had time.

“I don’t always spank you for being bad,” I said, swallowing the last Blue Point. She crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair. Beneath the table I could see her bare thighs each time she shifted in her seat.

“I always pretend that I have, even if you don’t say it. It’s not always other boys or something like that. Sometimes it’s just that I’ve disappointed you. Those are the hardest times.”

“Hard in terms of how you come? Or how you struggle?” I didn’t look up when the waiter put down our manhattans.

“Both,” she said, finally breaking eye contact. “But, of course, how do I get punished if I don’t do the wrong thing? It’s a conundrum.”

I reached out and took a hand. I raised it to my lips and kissed her knuckles while lifting my drink with my other hand. She raised hers as well and we toasted silently, watching each other’s brains work.

“Take off whatever’s under that skirt,” I said. She wrinkled her nose, but didn’t pause. We both eyed the room as she lifted off her seat, just enough to slide her panties down and hand them to me beneath the table.

“If it makes you feel any better, I can always find something. No matter how hard you try, now matter how good you are, I’ll find a reason. And tonight I have at least six of them. Let’s finish our drinks and then go. I want you over my knee with that skirt around your waist.”

We stood up and gathered our coats, finishing our drinks in gulps that were way too big for anyone. Just as she tucked in her chair I leaned in and took her hand. She clutched the bundled ball of white cotton with a confused look.

“Leave them on the chair,” I said. “You’ve already disappointed me enough tonight.”


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I’ll Always Be Here

She lay in bed when I walked in, the blankets around her waist and her hair a tangle on the pillow.

“I couldn’t sleep. I kept picturing you with her.”

“I’m home now,” I said, pulling off my tie and hanging my suit up in the closet. It was the most I could offer.

“I don’t like it. You shouldn’t leave me alone. Ever.”

“Should I just stay here in bed with you? For ever and ever?” I climbed naked beneath the covers and wrapped her in my arms. She backed up against me and clenched my fingers in her hand as she pulled me close.

“Yes. For ever and ever. Except when you go make coffee in the morning. Or order food. And maybe shower on occasion. No smelly boys allowed.”

“And what will you do with me all that time?” I asked, my body moving slowly against her. She reached one hand between us and took me firmly in hand, rubbing the head of my cock between her legs. I was barely hard, but she turned just enough to kiss me.

“I’ll make you fuck me. Just like this, with your arms around me as you promise to stay.”

And then I was inside her, and I would have promised anything. She sighed and pushed back against me as we moved slowly in the dark room. I kissed her neck and pulled on her hip bone, needing to be farther inside her than was ever possible.

“I promise,” I whispered, turning her head and kissing her lips once more. “We’ll never leave. We’ll never stop, and we’ll never get out of bed again.”

“And you have to make me come. A lot.”

My hand moved between her legs as she arched her back. Her thighs parted as my fingers found her, even as my other hand moved to her throat. I thrust faster and deeper, pulling her to me in so many ways. Her breath grew ragged and quick, and with each moan she moved closer and closer to the edge.

“When I get to five,” I whispered, letting go of her just long enough for her to catch her breath. “When I get to five you can come for me.”

She bit her lip and clenched around my hand and cock. I whispered the words in her ear, and by the time I reached three she was sobbing as her body shook and trembled. When I finally released her she screamed into the pillow; my privileged ears devoured every sound she made.

“I’ll always be here,” I whispered over and over again. “Always.”



Beautiful, Brilliant, And Wet

We sat on the couch after everyone else had gone to bed. His hand was on one thigh and mine was on the other while she turned back and forth between us. We had been flirting all night, hell we had been flirting all month, but this was the closest to alone the three of us had ever been.

“You are beautiful,” he whispered, pushing her hair behind an ear as he kissed her neck.

“And brilliant,” I added, my lips brushing her cheek.

“And wet,” she said, turning instantly in to kiss me. It was not tender, and it was not sweet, but it spoke volumes. “Also ready.”

We were something of a blur as we undid buttons, pulled off shirts, and removed everything that was in the way of skin. She kissed him and then me as we finally felt the warmth of each other’s bodies. When I touched his face, and he kissed me too, she let out a sigh which was instantly followed by the sound of her jeans hitting the floor. Our hands returned to her thighs, this time opening her legs as our fingers moved higher.

“Can I watch?” she asked, now naked and trembling.

“Watch what?” I asked, leaning her head back with one hand in her hair. “What do you want to see?”

“Him,” she moaned, her fingers moving between her legs. “I want to watch him suck your cock.”

He didn’t pause before moving to the floor, and a second later I was hard in her hand as he looked up at her. She slowly jerked me off as his face moved closer, and her breathing grew quicker with each stroke.

“Please,” she sighed again. “It’s so fucking hot.”

Without any more wait his lips opened around me and all three of us watched in awe as he took me into his mouth, sucking my cock until he had taken all of me. She leaned in closer, her mouth moving down my body, even as her own fingers kept working between her legs.

“I’ve never seen that before. Not this close. Not like this,” she moaned as I reached down and pulled him closer with one hand in his hair. He moaned around me, reaching up and grabbing my cock without letting me out of his mouth. I watched her, body shaking and eyes wide, and I watched him, lost in concentration, as he dragged me closer to the edge.

“Oh god,” I moaned, my head leaning back as I felt my whole body tighten. “Oh fuck, I’m going to come.”

And then she was next to him, her head practically resting on my stomach as he continued. I moaned his name and his fist was a blur. I clenched the blanket on the couch, closed my eyes, and finally let myself go, filling his mouth as he sucked me fiercely between his lips. He never stopped, his hand held me tightly as he swallowed my come, and it was only when he finally came up for air that she leaned in and kissed him hard on the mouth. He kissed her back, pulling her in closer as I slowly grew soft.

“I need to be fucked,” she growled between kisses, and it was my turn to pull her up onto my lap and open her legs as he stood. I reached a hand between her thighs as he rolled a condom down over his cock, and seconds later she was kissing me once more as he slid inside her.

“Oh god,” she said, turning to kiss me as they fucked, and the look in her eyes was clear. She was lost. She was happy. And she needed more.

“Don’t worry,” I whispered, pushing two fingers between her lips. “We’re just getting started.”



Long and Aching

I followed Maddy into the shower without a word. She stared at me when I stepped in naked behind her and she crossed her arms over her chest.

“What the fuck are you doing? He’s sleeping in the other room.”

“Soundly,” I said as I stepped closer and wrapped her in my arms beneath the falling water. She opened hers to me as well and pressed her nose against my chest. Her sigh was long and aching and her lips wet on my neck. She fit perfectly beneath my chin.

“He’s sleeping soundly.”


Hold You, Kiss You, Taste You

I want to fuck you, love you, hold you, kiss you, taste you, and stare into your big blue eyes until I believe that maybe you love me too.

I want to undress you and kiss down the slope of your neck, stopping at your collarbone, your shoulder, and the space between your breasts. I want to feel you slide towards me, my knee parting your legs letting me feel just how warm you are. I want to kiss your stomach, laying you down, and looking up into those eyes wondering about everything. Those eyes that think too much and dream just the right amount, and those eyes that keep me from moving down just a few seconds longer.

And then I want to bite your thigh as I open your legs, my fingers grazing your lips before I open my mouth against you and taste your thoughts. I need to feel you arch your back and push up to me, wanting my tongue deeper, my lips softer, and my fingers cautious.

I can’t even write the words I want to hear you say, but they’ll come from your chest and your gut. They’ll come from your heart and your cunt, and by the time I’m kissing you I want all our options to vanish in a breath. I don’t need to watch or even open my eyes as I enter you because there is simply too much to take in without destroying the world. And as each second passes, our bodies slowly becoming closer until there is no farther to go, I’ll kiss your lips once more and listen to you moan out your want.

Simply put, I want to hear you, feel you, and taste you come. I want to see your body writhing, arching, aching, as I thrust within you, and I want to know the sounds you make when you can’t hold back any longer. I want to feel your teeth on my shoulder, your nails on my back, and your perfect body clenching around me as your scream my name over and over again until your voice is gone and there is nothing to do but open our eyes once more.

And as we lie there, my arms around you, our bodies slick with sweat, I want to once again stare into your big blue eyes and marvel that the entire universe can fit inside you.


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