First Reviews of My Novel

The Island on The Edge of NormalOn December 14th I published my first novel, The Island on The Edge of Normal. Here are a few of the early Amazon reviews.

Delightfully refreshing view of polyamory. A great first novel

I found this novel very real, it stays very involved. I found myself really investing in the characters. I honestly was very sad to see it end. I hope the story continues for James.From MP

A sweet, sweet tale of a man struggling with all sorts of things…

Guy’s heart shines through his words in this beautiful, sexy polyromance novel set off the coast of Maine.From KG

A wonderful first novel

Yes, there are plenty of Guy New York’s trademark hot sex scenes among various combinations of the book’s characters, including male-on-male. Those scenes alone makes it worth a read for any fans already familiar with his work, and a great introduction of his style for new readers. Guy is also a master at giving most of his stories a touch of romanticism, and he does it well with this tale.From DD